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Wooden Step Stool

Wooden Step Stool

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Beautiful woodgrain and an anti-slip base make it easy for kids to help around the kitchen, brush their teeth, sit up on the big potty, put away their toys on shelves, and find an extra seat in case there's a shortage on holidays. Simple in design, this durable stool can easily be transitioned into a shelf or plant stand when it is no longer needed for young feet. Key features include the durable build and lightweight that allow even the youngest kids to carry it around to help them achieve more independence without worrying their footing will slip. It is designed for kids aged three and older.


  • Details: 1 part, comes completely assembled and ready for use
  • Product Dimensions: 15.7 x 9.5 x 7.5 in
  • Product Weight: 3.1 pounds
  • Material: Natural birch plywood, non-slip rubber pads
  • Coating: Sanded and coated with water-based paint to extend wood quality
  • Color: Natural, Green Khaki
  • Package: Craft box
  • Recommended Age: 3+ years
  • Manufacturer: BABAI
  • Made in Ukraine

If you have been getting tired of putting the dining room chairs back where they belong or boosting your little one onto the toilet every time they need to go, this stool is a simple and reliable solution. Kids love that they can carry this step stool around and with its rounded edges makes it a safe option for kids. It's around three pounds, the perfect weight for easy transportation. Although you might have a specific use in mind, this little stool is so handy, you will find yourself reaching for it or recommending it to your kids all the time.

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