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The Deer Family

The Deer Family

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Deer Mother: A sweet and adorable deer mother. She lives in the small Gingerbread house with the rest of the deer family. Her light caramel fur is the same material as little sister's belly, which is a beautiful and cozy linen fabric. Deer mother's furry belly is so soft, and her tail is too!  Height: 7.87 in.

Deer Father: Deer father is the tallest in the family and he has a very soft, furry belly. His tail is fuzzy like the rest of the family's, and his antlers are nice and soft faux suede. Height: 8.26 in.

Deer Big Brother: Big brother has faux suede antlers that are so soft, and a fuzzy little tail. He has a cute pink nose that goes with his friendly face and smile so sweetly.  Height: 7.48 in.
Deer Little Sister:  She is the smallest of the family, and her antlers have not yet grown in. Her faux suede fur is super soft and looks adorable with her fuzzy little tail. Height: 6.69 in. 

All sold individually. 
Recommended age: +3 Year
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