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Sqirl Los Angeles Fruit Spread

Sqirl jams are hand made in Los Angeles with fruit cultivated from the Masumoto Family Farm. Each jam is made with farmer direct product conserved with minimal fair trade organic sugar and no commercial pectin. The farms are all located within a 350 mile radius of Sqirl's kitchen. 

Late Harvest Masumoto Nectarine - Honeyed, luscious, syrupy. Ingredients: 
*Late Harvest Nectarines, *cane sugar, *lemon juice

Andy's Orchard Black Cherry & Strawberry - Candied, seductive, vibrant. Ingredients:
*Cherries, *strawberries, *cane sugar, * lemon juice

Blackberry Meyer Lemon - Tangy, fragrant, rich berry. Ingredients:
*Wild blackberries, *cane sugar, *Meyer lemon juice & zest

*Seascape strawberries, *can sugar, *Sorrento lemon juice, *rose geranium.

*certified organic