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Cocktail Mixers

Cocktail Mixers

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100% natural and handcrafted cocktail mixers. Add your favorite spirit and enjoy!

Lavender Honey: fragrant blossom, bright citrus, floral honey

Cucumber Jalapeno: cool cucumber, pepper heat, citrus bite

Ginger Citrus: fresh root, zesty lime, spicy kick

Blood Orange & Chili Pepper: smoked pepper, sweet citrus, fiery heat

Blackberry Pomegranate: berry patch, tart fruit, squeezed citrus

Hibiscus Rose: tart fruit, fresh petal, bright Citrus

Meyer Lemon Sour: candied citrus, delicate floral, bright zest

Prickly Pear:  berry, melon, bubble-gum 

Rhubarb Vanilla (Limited Spring Release): sweet-tart, rich vanilla, lemon curd


Red wine: sliced oranges & blackberries Rose wine: sliced lemons & raspberries White wine: sliced lemons, apple, peaches

Sea Salted Grapefruit & Agave : 

fresh grapefruit & agave combined with just a hint of sea salt

Pineapple Mojito: garden mint, island breeze, tropical twist

16 oz bottle

Yield: 10-16 cocktails

Shelf life: 2 years sealed, 8 weeks in fridge opened 

Handcrafted in Paso Robles, CA.

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