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Bon Parfumeur

101-Rose, Sweet Pea, White Cedar

Rose and musk, a subtle mix of floral and powder scents for a sensual yet tender result.The heart of our rose perfume is made of sweet pea and muguet harmony to light up a floral scent. The base note of our rose perfume contains musk and white cedar for a sweet and powdery feeling. At the end, the patchouli brings some character to our rose perfume. 30ml - 1 fl. oz.

203 - Black Currant Vanilla Raspberry

Sparkling, the citrusy head notes mingle marvelously with the fruity note of the pear. Facets of red fruits are also present. The meeting between two noble flowers, the rose and the jasmine gives scale to the agreement. 30ml - 1 fl. oz.

302- Amber, Iris, Sandalwood

If temptation had a scent, it would definitely smell like this. It all begins with a sharp, spicy opening led by red berries. Iris ignites the fragrance by unleashing its velvety-soft dark floral facets. Vanilla and incense reveal dense smooth notes, setting the heart alight and turning up the temperature. Before a balanced blend of sandalwood, amber and musk captivates us with its warm and balsamic notes. Admit it, you’ve got a burning desire to smell it! 30ml - 1 fl. oz.

 801-Sea Spray, Cedar, Grapefruit

A powerful, aquatic citrus. Grapefruit and lemon notes amplify the marine freshness of sea spray. Its airy elements blending with spicy, aromatic accents to give the composition its character. In its powdery wake, dry wood and white musk fill the air.30ml - 1 fl. oz.

602-Pepper, Cedar, Patchouli

Base notes are made of patchouli scents, wood and vetiver. A touch of benzoin resin creates a smoky atmosphere that matches up with spicy wood and woody oriental smell. 30ml - 1 fl. oz.