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Dick Taylor Chocolate Bar

Dick Taylor Chocolate Bar

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Bean to bar, award winning chocolate made in Eureka, California.

Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate- 55% Dark chocolate, nutty, Brazilian cacao and delicious peanut butter powder, made from freshly roasted peanuts. The result is a bar that is silky smooth, both sweet and savory, and undeniably decadent! Vegan.

Hazelnut Milk Chocolate-  Delicately roasted Oregon hazelnuts have been paired with exceptional milk chocolate made from earthy Brazilian cacao and old-fashioned, A2/A2 whole milk from Alexandre Family Farm. This dreamy milk chocolate features minimal ingredients with 55% cacao content.

Blackberry Bergamot 65% Dark Chocolate-  Sweet, dried blackberries and a hint of bergamot oil are mixed into our silky 65% dark chocolate from Belize. The blend of bergamot and berries creates a perfect balance of citrus and floral notes, complimenting the lightness of this chocolate. Vegan.
Brown Butter Nibs and Sea Salt- Browned butter from local Rumiano Organic Farm, is blended to perfection with 73% Northerner Blend dark chocolate. Each bar is finished by hand with roasted cacao nibs and sea salt to create the dreamiest of textures, both creamy and crunchy. Perfect on its own or paired with your favorite wine! Vegan.
Orange Bourbon Pecan Dark Chocolate- For this holiday bar inspired by one of our favorite pies, bourbon soaked pecans are candied with maple syrup and orange and sprinkled on the back of a silky 65% Belize dark chocolate that's been combined with orange essential oil. Vegan.
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