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Palm Stone

Palm Stone

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Palm stones bring a strong connection between the stone's energy and your own.

Blue Apatite- clears away lingering confusion and negativity, bringing about ambition, confidence, and self-motivation. Use Blue Apatite in conjunction with your throat chakra for a burst of clarity.

Moonstone- channels the divine feminine energy, bringing you hope, clarity, and abundance. Use Moonstone in conjunction with your crown and third eye chakras to think big and create space for a run of good luck.

Ocean Jasper- releases negativity so you can focus on optimism, joy, and harmony. Use Ocean Jasper to align the throat, heart, and solar plexus chakras, creating a space for deep relaxation.

Stones will vary in size and tone. All crystals are natural. Due to the inherent nature of the stones, colors and variations will occur. 

One stone included roughly 2" - 3" width
Genuine polished crystal stone

Made in San Diego

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