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Kinetic Mobile - Plain Brass

The Plain Brass mobile is the most balanced and minimalist of our mobiles, just watch it spin gently and relax! This kinetic mobile is the perfect piece of art for a minimalist interior decor. More than a trendy home accessory, it is a timeless object that will definitely enhance the style of any interior design.

Size approx: 22 X 28 in (55 X 70 cm)

Fully assembled and ready to hang (with an included clear fishing wire)

Materials: made from hand-cut brass sheet and laminated recycled paper. Each brass component is meticulously sanded and then finished with a brushed satin look. These mobiles are unlacquered and free of chemical treatment.

Installation: It can be easily hung from an anchored hook directly screwed into a support beam or in the ceiling. You can also use a shelf support to hang it from your wall. Please note: This is a mobile for decorative purposes. Make sure to keep your mobile out of reach from tiny hands. Not recommended for outdoor use.

Made by hand in Barcelona, Spain.