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Gingerbread Crackers

Gingerbread Crackers

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These luxurious gingerbread people crackers have everything you need for festive table decoration and fun. As well as a party hat and joke, they contain a fabulous true or false game for the whole family to enjoy. Re-use the game whenever you want a giggle.

Crackers are crafted from kraft paper, with gingham ribbons, pom poms and felt hearts

Gold metallic cord

Each cracker contains a green tissue paper hat, a joke, an etched wooden gingerbread person and a paper race track

Inside the box are true and false paddles and a game play sheet - who will be the first to win the game?

Suitable for ages 8+

Pack of 6 in 2 designs

Product dimensions: 2 x 10.25 x 2 inches

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