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Flower Tea

Floral teas help to settle our minds and souls with each sip. These herbal blends are perfect to enjoy on cozy mornings, long afternoons, or relaxing evenings. They're also great for other well-being, beauty, and culinary uses (flower tea, floral facial steam, and edible flower desserts!).

Each .06oz tea pouch includes one whole flower infusion equal to approximately 3 cups of tea. 

Shangri-La Rose tea promotes radiant skin & hair. Our Shangri-La Rose has a subtle rosy flavor with slightly tangy, fruity notes, and a delicate fragrance.

Blue Lotus tea promotes deep relaxation. Blue Lotus has rich, fruity, root vegetable notes. It is refreshing and bold with notes of anise and an earthy aroma. It tastes less floral compared to Chrysanthemum and Rose.

Royal Chrysanthemum tea promotes immunity, heart health, vision health, and more. Our organic Royal Chrysanthemum has a delicate fragrance and a mildly sweet, herbal flavor with notes of honey in the finish.

The Qi is a wellness brand based in New York, New York on a mission to empower you to feel more joy, beauty, nourishment, and inner calm on the daily basis through the power of healing whole flower teas. Drink flowers. Be well! 

Handmade, AAPI owned, Women owned