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Essential Oil Rollerball

Seedlings Essential Oil Rollerballs are the perfect tool for uplifting, energizing, and de-stressing. These rollerballs are made with a MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil) base and blended with 100% indigenously sourced essential oils to bring you different scents each with their own special purposes. These rollerballs are 100% vegan, contain moonstone, sodalite, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, or quartz for each scent, and are hand blended in small batches.

Wildflower: Lavender + Orange + Grapefruit with Amethyst

Sunny Sundays: Lemongrass + Peppermint + Rosemary with citrine

Desert Haze: Rose + Lavender + Bergamot with Rose Quartz

10ml in each bottle