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Elwood Blue Light Glasses

Elwood Blue Light Glasses

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This style is not boring, because your reading glasses should be fun. The Elwood is what happens when you take a lightweight reader with a classic frame shape and make it out of semi translucent, lightweight plastic. It’s a style that you will love, especially because the blue light lenses help filter out the high energy blue light emitted by phone, computer, and tablet screens, reducing the strain on your eyes. The lenses are ultra-thin and scratch-impact resistant, so you experience crisp optical clarity while wearing Elwood readers, whether you’re reading a book, a computer, a menu or just using your phone for whatever your day brings you.

Gabriel + Simone Screen light blockers to help prevent eyestrain and melatonin imbalance caused by blue light. Designed in Brooklyn for people, like you, who want to see and be seen.

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