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Craft Cocktail Mix Kit

Craft Cocktail Mix Kit

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Fill with spirit of choice, let sit for 1-3 days then serve!

Grapefruit Seabreeze: Elderflower and Rosemary give this Grapefruit Seabreeze a unique and healthy twist. It's the perfect summer patio cocktail! Plus, both of these herbs are anti-inflammatory so maybe less of a hangover too? Ha!

Vanilla Fig Lemontini: Vanilla, Figs, Lemon, and a touch of thyme infuse together to make an absolutely delicious martini! 

Watermelon Mojito: Watermelon, Mint, and Limes magically merge to create the perfect signature summer cocktail. Would be so good with rum!

Spicy Margarita: Hibiscus, Jalapenos, and Damiana (known as the happy-love herb!) makes a beautiful, bold fuchsia colored Margarita fun for any occasion. Try with Tequila!

Made in Hermosa Beach, CA

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