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Pocket Nature Books

Pocket Nature Books

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As a response to our increasingly digital world, people are turning to the outdoors as an escape, as a place to bond, and as an alternative to vacations or extended travel. The Pocket Nature book series, will resonate with a wide audience of people who are eager for simple ways to practice mindfulness, disconnect from tech, and get out of the house. The topics covered in the Pocket Nature series are perennial—beaches, clouds, sunsets, and leaves will always be there to enjoy and admire. With new titles coming out every season, there will be ever-new opportunities to grow a charming collection that looks great on your bookshelf.

Cloud Spotting: A take-anywhere guide to the mindful practice of cloud watching. Press pause, step outside, and look up. There is so much to gain by simply watching the clouds go by. This pocket guide invites you to tap into the calming power of nature. 

Beach Combing: Beachcombing is an enjoyable, accessible pastime that not only gets your body moving but also calms your mind. This charming book will appeal to people of all ages and genders, whether they're interested in practicing mindfulness or spending more time outside—or they simply love the beach.

Sunset Seeking: As a response to our increasingly digital world, people are turning to the outdoors as an escape. Observing a sunset provides a quiet moment outside to pause amid the chaos of everyday life. And the great news? Sunsets happen every single day no matter where you are in the world!

Leaf Peeping: Every autumn, we're graced with a breathtaking spectacle as the leaves turn from green to amber and gold. But how often do we stop to appreciate it?

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